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Gerard 't Hooft video lecture-Perimeter

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    Gerard 't Hooft video lecture--Perimeter


    online video of lecture 't Hooft gave on 7 May, 2008

    Black Holes and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
    Gerard 't Hooft - Spinoza Institute for Theoretical Physics
    "The theory of Quantum Mechanics requires 'completeness', that is, we need to know the complete set of physically allowed states before we can reliably compute quantum mechanical amplitudes. Among these possible states are microscopic black holes, since they are valid solutions to Einstein's equations for the gravitational force. However, a quantum description of black holes requires a drastic revision of our notions of space and time, in particular if we were to accept the interpretation of their microstates as given by superstring theories..."
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    I haven't been able to download the video yet, but the slides look very interesting. I note that on slide 203 he discusses a 3x3 circulant permutation and the diagonalising Fourier transform, which is also associated to Brannen's mass matrices.
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    Did anyone, from here, attend? Comments?
    Better still ... did anyone go for a beer and have an informal discussion?
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