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Getting a job with a MS in Engineering Technology

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    I am about to graduate with a BS in physics with a 3.5. I'm exploring different graduate school options and can get in and do well in physics graduate school, but i'm more interested in Engineering Technology type studies(as opposed to engineering).

    Is there a good job market though for someone with a MS in Engineering Technology as opposed to Engineering?
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    I didn't know you could go to graduate school with a ET degree, is it a 4 or 2 year degree? The Engineering Technology degrees here is 2 years, and doesn't involve hardly any math just building circuits.

    Whats the major difference between EE and ET ?
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    The BS is a 4 year degree and it is a glorified 2 year engineering technology degree.

    THe MS is a 2 year program and the math only goes up to simple DE's. Never the less, I really enjoy doing that sort of thing...
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    What exactly do you mean by "glorified "?

    The college that I use to go had a BS in engineering tech. Strangely, it required a lot of math, all the way up to ODE/PDE.
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    At many schools in the US. 4 year Engineering Tech degrees only require math up to HS Algebra 2, not even pre-calculus. Hence it is like a 2 year ET degree from ITT tech.
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    To my original question, would it be difficult finding a decent paying job (about US $50,000) with a BS in physics and a MS in Engineering Technology?
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    I earned my BS in Engineering Technology from Temple University. As far as Math, I took Calc 1 and 2. My degree was electrical/mechanical. I have since earned my MBA and I am looking into Drexels Engineering Technology Masters Program, or Villanovas Six Sigma program. Haven't decided.
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    I make about 80k right now with my BS in engineering technology. When I first graduated I was making 100-120k but i left that position due to amount of overnight travel to the position I have know. I am a Field Engineer in the medical field.
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