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Engineering Getting an Engineering Job after a Career Gap

  1. Oct 4, 2016 #1
    I graduated with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree in 2015, and am right now in teacher's college until April of 2018. Within these two years, I plan to keep up to date with electronics projects that I can do on my own time. Ultimately, I plan to go back to Engineering right after my Teacher's Education.

    What are my chances of getting an Engineering Job after this 2.5 career gap?
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    If you plan to keep up with projects and work hard to keep up with the fundamentals, it probably won't hurt you since you were in school. The ideal would be to get a master's in EE if you know you want to be an electrical engineer.
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    I plan to work for a while in an Engineering company after getting my teaching degree, and then go back for a Master's in Engineering. For now, I'm trying my best keep up to date with electronics fundamentals. I've recently just bought a book called "Learning the Art of Electronics", and it goes through a variety of analog and digital projects I thought were really cool. Are there any other books that go through projects like that?
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