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Getting into a UC school from out of state

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    So I currently go to a Community College in New York and really want to go away to college. I know there are some good SUNY schools, but I've always wanted to go to school in California. If I were to apply to UCLA or some other school like it after my two years at my Community College, would I have any chance of getting in?

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    Sure, why not? UC enrollments are getting hammered, but actually out of state applicants are probably in a better position to get accepted because they want the out of state tuition rates to apply.
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    Well UCLA is already a very hard school to get into, and they probably give preference to in state students. Only 9% of their undergrads come from out of state. Not only that, but it's incredibly expensive for out of state students. 35k tuition a year plus 15k in housing and fees. Whether you get in or not depends on your grades, essays, extracurricular, and letters of recommendation.
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