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Getting NaN for a write output in FORTRAN

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    Hi all,

    I'm writing a program in FORTRAN to calculate neutron flux in a reactor, but when I try to get a numerical output it simply says NaN. Anyone know what this means or how to fix it? Code is below, and this is happening on the flux2(N) output on the last write statement. Thanks!

    Code (Text):
          program slabflux

             implicit none

             ! VARIABLES

             integer, parameter :: N=30     ! Number of slab increments

             real :: thickness              ! slab thickness in meters
             real :: diff_const             ! diffusion constant of the slab
             real :: macro_cross_sec        ! macroscopic cross section of the slab
             real :: source                 ! neutron source rate
             real :: distance               ! distance of neutron flux calculation in the slab
             real, dimension(-1:N+1) :: flux1       ! flux calculation at a certain distance in the slab
             real, dimension(0:N) :: flux2      ! used for iterative flux calculation
         real, dimension(0:N) :: S      ! source array
         real :: del                ! increment length
         real :: a              ! flux coefficient
         real :: b              ! flux coefficient
         real, dimension(-1:N) :: prev_flux ! previous flux summation for loop
             real, dimension(0:N) :: prev_iter  ! flux summation from previous iteration
             integer :: i               ! do loop counter
         integer :: j               ! do loop counter
             integer :: k               ! do loop counter
             real :: e              ! iteration error


             ! INPUT

             write (*,'(a,$)') "Slab thickness (cm)?: "
             read *, thickness

             write (*,'(a,$)') "Diffusion constant (cm)?: "
             read *, diff_const

             write (*,'(a,$)') "Macroscopic cross section (1/cm)?: "
             read *, macro_cross_sec

             write (*,'(a,$)') "Neutron source rate (neutrons/cm^3*s)?: "
             read *, source

         ! CALCULATION

         del=thickness/N                    ! increment length

         S(N/2)=source                          ! source centered in slab

             flux1(1:29)=1                      ! initial flux

         a=-(diff_const/(del**2))               ! flux coefficients


             if (0.997<e .AND. e<1.003) then
            do i=0,N,1                      ! first iteration
                   do j=i,N,1
                   end do
            end do
                do k=0,N,1
                   write (*,'(a,f6.2,3x,a,f6.2)') "Distance (cm): ",
         +                                       distance,
         +                                       "Flux (neutrons/cm^2*s): ",
         +                                       flux2(N)
                end do
             end if

          end program slabflux
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    D H

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    First off, please use the [ code ] ... [ /code ] tags, sans the spaces, when you post code. I edited your post for you.

    As far as NaNs are concerned:
    NaNs can arise from some computations such as 0/0. They can also result from the compiler. I suspect you are using a compiler that initializes uninitialized floating point variables with NaNs. In particular, you did not initialize the array flux2 or the variable e. Since e is not set, the then part of the if statement never executes, and flux2 keeps its (uninitialized) initial values.

    The best way to find these kinds of errors is to use your debugger. Learn to use it.
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