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GFT common frame for LQG/SF +Simplex

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    Dan Oritii's talk is worth listening to.

    The first half is an introduction to Group Field Theory (GFT) and the second
    half gives some exciting unpublished results exploring GFT dynamics and its relation to ordinary QFT, 4D Loop-and-Spinfoam (LQG/SF), Dynamical Triangulations, and 4D Regge gravity.

    He presents GFT as a unifying framework in which several other approaches to quantum gravity fit, and which has a close relation to Feynman graphs and usual field theory.

    Arguably he has an interesting candidate for the the fundamental degrees of freedom of space and matter--he discusses this in the conclusions at the end.

    the talk refers to work by Oriti with a half-dozen collaborators, including several papers that are in preparation

    If you are already familiar with GFT you can skip to the halfway point in the talk, where he starts talking about the new stuff.
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    He has the model.
    50 years!!!!! to nail it down!!!! He won't be alive and neither will I.:cry::cry:
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