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Good advanced textbook on physiology?

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    I was wondering what is the best textbook for advanced physiology? I have read Guyton, but something more comprehensive would be nice. Any suggestions?
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    Are you looking for undergrad or postgrad level stuff?

    For the undergrad stuff, Ganong (William F. Ganong) is a "harder" book, IMO - but it covers more ground, albeit in a concise fashion. It's more accurate, too (I found many mistakes in Guyton, but none in Ganong).

    Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine has a lot of physiology, and it's usually very detailed and high-level.

    You want anything more, I suggest looking up specialised texts for each individual subdiscipline - e.g. for neurophysiology, look up Kandel & Schwartz

    For the postgrad level, you pretty much have to read individual, highly specialised monographs in addition to the specialty text.
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    just physiology? you dont want to specialize into say heart, pulmonary or brain? Each one has like a ton of books on its own
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    what about a book on undergrad human anatomyu ad physiology?? suggest a good book for that as well please...
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    is this primarily a physiology class or anatomy, once again, a book for anatomy and one for physio independently will work . Books that try to do both usually lose a lot of info
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    i'm a physicist, but studied in medical college for a while, we used Guyton, but just thought for a textbook less descriptive. But you are right, i need to use some specialized books.
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    oh you are a physicist, haha then the heart and lung parts and even parts of the brain stuff would be really easy for you. Most people I know hate those because of the math equations. With the lungs for example, there really isnt much anatomy it's really just all math.
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    suggest something for anatomy
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    You need to have a text, an atlas and a cadaver to practise on.


    B. D. Chaurasia's anatomy text is very good. Don't be misled by the cheap paper (written by an Indian author, published in India) - what's inside is excellent and very detailed.

    You want more, and with a surgical bent, go with R. J. Last's Surgical Anatomy Text.

    Snell's textbook is an "easy" one, and is much less detailed than either of the above 2 books.


    Nothing beats Frank Netter's atlas, as far as I'm concerned.


    You're on your own with this one. Try to stay within the law. :tongue:
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