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Good book on electrical machines

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    i am an undergraduate student pursuing engineering.
    kindly suggest me a good book on electrical machines (induction motors, dc motors ,etc) so that they can be understood very easily .
    please suggest as fast as possible
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    thank u
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    The literature library at www.Rockwell.com has numerous books on VFD's, Motors, PWM signals and AB PLC's including ladder logic instruction set. However many of the articles are too large to post here you may want to check the site out. The literature library does not need membership but the knowledge base does.
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    "Electrical Machinery", 6th edition, by Fitzgerald, Kingsley, & Umans. I had Dr. Umans in spring 2010 for a power course for the Ph.D. work. He's very good. I used this same text earlier edition in undergraduate machines course.

    "Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Machines", by Leander Matsch. I used this text as a grad teaching assistant, also very good.

    You cannot go wrong w/ either text. Prerequisite would be e/m fields, circuit theory, physics 1 & 2, and calculus.

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