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Good books/articles I can learn java from? Or another programming language?

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    From free PDF's to books I have to buy. Anything that will be helpful
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    Hey mariexotoni and welcome to the forums.

    One book that I can recommend that is free (I used this a very long time ago) is the C++ books by Bruce Eckel. I don't know exactly what they are like now but they were very comprehensive and they are free to download. Take a look here:

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    thanks so much!
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    Alright. Sorry if this wasn't what you were looking for, and this is probably a bit late, but I suggest you use Python (much easier to learn) first, or C++ (a lot faster to program in and a bit faster to run, as well as giving you more control) as chiro recommended.
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    okay, no it's not too late. :) gonna start lookin' at it over the weekend when i have some extra time to play with.
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