Can you recommend some good Java books?

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Can you please recommend me some good websites for learning Java? Or some books for learning Java? Since I don't have a Mac and I'm using Windows, I want to learn Java in order to develop Android game app. Is the book "Head First Java" a good one for beginners to learn Java? Or would you recommend "Java for dummies"?
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Hello Android is good for introductory android app development. The Android Cookbook is very useful too as you get into development.

I prefer Core Java over the ones you mention its more formal but very comprehensive. Also the Java Cookbook is great for Java application development with many recipes for common tasks.

I think many app developers use A version of Eclipse with plugins for Android. I have played with using Processing IDE. Bothe require installing the Android Devkit aka ADK. And depending on your test device you'll need to find out how to side load apps to it.

Lastly, there's AIDE that runs directly on your Android device foregoing the need to have a computer for development.
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I was just looking into getting a couple books to learn Java and here is a summary of what I've seen on various sites.

Most people were recommending the books "Thinking in Java" or "Effective Java". I don't think I read anyone having anything negative to say about them.

However, I did read replies to avoid the "Head First Java" book. According to those who have read it, it doesn't really teach Java as well, but rather seems to just list different "features" of java, iirc.

Overall, I will be going with Thinking in Java and Effective Java. They seem to be more like textbooks and informative on teaching Java. Head First and Java for Dummies to me seems to be a summed up version of java, imho.
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Also look to see what version of Java they are written to. JDK 1.8 is the latest Java and several books have come out with new editions covering the new features in the language.
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Murache's Java SE6 by Joel Murach is a reasonably decent book... I learned from it in a course a few years ago...
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If you are a beginner, I think that Head First Java is a good place to start.
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Head first is awesome for learning. I've known many people who got their start the way. However, I would recommend you follow the book up with "Efficient Java". Then follow that one up with "Java Concurrency in Practices".

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