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Good books for competitive exams

  1. Mar 29, 2014 #1
    well i passed out 12th but with low percentage.i literally crammed throughout highschool.now when i am preparing for the college entrance exams i find it very difficult.it's like i haven't studied anything at all.i want to pursue quantum mechanics.which textbooks should i start with now?
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    to your question, read some good books like that of ncert...you can get good grasp of fundamentals..solve problems. problem solving at first is difficult since you have been at different system which supports cramming...but with good textbooks and solving end of chapter problems(solve it on your own. think too much. sometimes you wont get the answer. after trying for many times ask for support from teachers or online. when you try and fail, you will get to know what wont work. this will improve your analytical skills)...
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