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Classical Good books on classical and quantum physics

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    What are the very good books for practicing variety of and a lot of problems covering every concepts (analytical ,mathematically interpreted and intuitive )related to the topic .Books can be of physics or applied physics bcoz I have seen a book on applied mechanics like Housner-houdson .
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    Wrichik Basu

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    That's a greatly broad topic. :confused:?:)o_OPhysics has the following broad categories:
    1. Classical (Newtonian) Mechanics
    2. Relativistic Physics
    3. Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
    4. Electromagnetism and Electronics
    5. Quantum Physics
      1. Quantum Mechanics
      2. Quantum Electrodynamics
      3. Quantum Chromodynamics
      4. Quantum Gravity (under development)
      5. String Theory (under development)
    6. Optics, Atomic and Molecular Physics
    7. Nuclear Physics, Particle and High Energy Physics
    8. Cosmology
    9. Condensed Matter physics
    Other than these, there are innumerable subtopics, like astrophysics, physical chemistry, biophysics, and so on.

    I hope that you understand that if each one of us present here start giving recommendations in each topic mentioned above, this post would be extremely huge. :headbang: :oldgrumpy: :bugeye::oldconfused: :olduhh: Moreover, that would not be helpful to future users as no one would have the time to hunt for a book on specific topic in a jungle of recommendations. :oldcry::oldsurprised::oldruck:

    If you want books on a specific topic, you can post it separately as a thread. Be sure to search the forum once, so that threads are not duplicated, as most of the topics have been covered several times here.

    Happy knowledge hunting! :smile:
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