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Good books on superclusters and voids?

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    good books on superclusters and voids??

    I have been searching for a good undergraduate to advanced level book on galaxy clusters , dark matter , superclusters and voids and I have yet to find any.

    I have found however the scientific American library book " the dark matter and cosmic web story" but I am hesitant to purchase it is expensive and I do not know if it is more of an historical book or a book for study.

    I am looking for a good book that will give me the equations , data and necessary study on the subjects. Not just an overview of the subject for the lay person.

    I was really looking for studies on the sloan great wall super cluster , voids , the cosmic web ( large scale structure ) just basically what the title of the thread states.
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    Vanadium 50

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    It's quite likely such a book does not exist. It takes time to write one, and these are all subjects of active study. Interested people are reading journals at this stage, not books.
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