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Good calculus textbook for HS student

  1. Aug 31, 2011 #1
    Hi every one, can somebody recommend me good calculus textbook for self teaching. I am currently reviewing pre calculus material and i should be finished in a month or so. Today i am starting 3rd grade in high school and i really dont know if there is any calculus in 3 rd grade. I havent seen any limits problem in 3rd grade math book so i guess there isnt any. Anyway you maybe wondering why i at need calculus textbook. 1. In my country school system is different and you dont choose classes so i am getting calculus wheter i like it or not. 2. I am more and more getting interested in physics( which is wierd since in elementary school i found it not at all interesting) and since most of my problems in physics come from not knowing the math i decided to learn better math. 3. I like it as a challenge to see if i can do it on my own. I know i will be starting with calculus for dummies as a intro and then move to textbook. Thank you. P.S. Sorry if text appears unformated since i am writing this grom my ipod
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    you might try calculus by elliot gootman
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    How about Calculus for Dummies...
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    So I am also entering 11th grade (I think thats what you meant by 3rd grade of high school), and I have just finished teaching myself Calculus 1, so I think I can give you some advice.

    For teaching yourself the concepts, I would recommend going to KhanAcademy.com, its extremely well done and does a superb job at teaching the fundamental concepts of calculus (and indeed anything).

    Once you are comfortable with the concepts, the next step is practicing. For this really any textbook will do, I went down to my nearby college library and borrowed the textbook which looked the best (if it matters, Its called Elementary Calculus: an infinitesimal approach). Using this textbook I just did the problems I wanted too, and it let me fully refine my calculus.

    If you insist on studying from a textbook from day 1, I would suggest leaning towards a newer textbook, they tend to present concepts graphically more than analytically which can be helpful when teaching yourself, though I find it tiresome when you are practicing stuff you already know.

    Hope this helps!
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