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Good computer strategy/RPG games

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    Do you know any really complex, innovative and playable computer strategy/RPG games worth playing? When I was a bit younger I used to play quite a lot and I think I've played every major title there is, from Civilization through Heroes of M&M to Planescape:Torment. Now most games seem to be boring (I got older :) ), they hardly ever introduce any genuinely new elements into gameplay, and that's especially true about mass-market games, so I'm looking for some less known titles. As for RPG I tried roguelike stuff like ADOM, but that's just hack'n'slash, and I tried Stars!, but I felt there's more bureaucracy there than real gaming. I'd like to find something really complex and difficult, but Google/Wikipedia bring nothing of that kind. Any suggestions?
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    The games by Battlefront, Combat Mission, Beyond Overlord, for one, are excellent games with a unique game engine. They are very accurate as far as weapons capabilities go. This is not fantasy, this is WWII. You plot your moves on a 3d battlefield, after each player has plotted, the computer plays a 1 minute movie of the combined moves. You have control of individual tanks and infantry squads, so it is a tactical level rather then strategic.
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    Have you played any of the Commandos games? WWII RTS except instead of various units to build and/or command you have a black ops team. The newest title is a FPS the the older ones are RTS style.

    My friend loves Rome Total War and the newer title Medieval Total War.
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    Medieval Total War, you'll be hooked!

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    Warcraft 3, play competitively though! single player is awesome also.
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