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Good introduction to linear algebra?

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    I have several books on linear algebra but they all bore me to death. What I find annoying is that they all focus on giving tons of definitions on the opening chapters only to elaborate on the relevance of those definitions later. What I am looking for is the opposite; a text that gives the meaning of the definitions right at the beginning. What do you suggest?
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    You could always pick up a text on applied linear algebra. Not necessarly the best way to learn the topic (rigor wise, at least in my university); however, just to get familar with the topic it is a pretty good alternative to the texts you seem to be bumping into.

    Unfortunantly, I don't have my university's applied linear algebra text, so I can't cite it for you, but hey you can probably find something better by searching amazon.
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    Look at Meyer, Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra. It is excellent, and less boring than most. (It still isn't going to make the Times Bestseller list or Oprah's book club, however...)
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    Linear Algebra Through Geometry perhaps.
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    Dr Transport

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    Schaum's outline is good and cheap.
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    I have it :tongue2: Still boring... anyway thanks for all the answers. I have to say, Daverz, your suggestion is most interesting to me. I'll look into it.
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    You can check out mathwonk's free online notes for linear algebra.
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    I'm going to self-study linear algebra, and I recently decided to use Strang's Linear Algebra and its Application . How do you guys think about this one??
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    I have a copy of Strang's Linear Algebra
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