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Good Introductory Book on Physics?

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    Hello all,
    I am considering majoring in physics and was wondering if there are any books that anyone would like to recommend to introduce me to the topic. i am currently in algebra so I can't handle anything too mathematically complex, but I AM interested in the mathematical side of the subject.

    I am currently reading Elegant Universe and was considering reading up on Einstein or the general theory of relativity, but wasn't really sure where to start as there are many books out there and many different aspects of physics. I'm thinking I am more interested in how physics is applied to our current world more so than the theoretical aspect of it.

    Maybe what I need is something that will either confirm my interest in the subject or show me that I should focus on something else! (I currently work as a mechanic but would like to go farther and possibly get into engineering and/or business).

    Any suggestions are much appreciated!
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    Simon Bridge

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    Halliday and Resnick "Introduction to Physics".
    You'll find the physics will help your algebra by putting it into context.
    Recent physics texts with "introduction" in the title should do.
    H&R is aimed at 1st-year college courses but recaps HS physics too.

    There are basic physics primers online - I'd use those.
    (There are also college courses - you need never buy a book.)

    Lewis C Epstein "Thinking Physics"

    For relativity, you can have a go at:
    ... introduces relativity graphically. Derivations are not hard though the consequences are a bit mind-bending ... but you did ask about Einstein.
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