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Good job while in college. Looking for advice

  1. Jun 22, 2010 #1
    Hey guys. I'm currently a Junior electrical engineering student. I'm working and going to school right now, but my current job is not very accommodating to a full time school schedule. I would like to work somewhere that has a pretty flexible schedule so I can take more classes. Plus, my current job is extremely stressful and is really making it hard for me to concentrate on school. Can any of you guys suggest a good place to work while in college? Where did you work while getting through school.
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    I am looking for internet job too, I am expert in power system.

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    I'm Doing the network marketing thing ... it's helpful ...
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    I had a nice part-time job as a "junior engineer" at Hewlett Packard while attending college (1954-58). Work schedule was very flexible, and HP was only ~2 miles from campus. Learned a lot about high frequency vacuum tube circuit design. Like in vacuum-tube oscilloscopes. Shortly after graduation, no one was using vacuum tubes any more.
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