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Good movies of simultaneous ball drop/thrown?

  1. Nov 1, 2011 #1
    We're teaching about X vs. Y motion, and I'd really love to show like a strobe movie of a ball being dropped versus thrown horizontally...or even just the one thrown horizontally.

    We TELL students the X-motion is independent and constant, but "seeing is believing"

    I found some pictures on the internet, but does anyone know of a movie clip showing this?
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    my teacher says too that y axis force does not affect x axis, but, why is pushing something heavier than the other harder?
    i checked up that weight does in fact affect friction. why are they lying? lol
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    Mythbusters did this with bullets dropped vs.fired. All I found on Youtube was an extremely short cut from the episode that leaves out most of the good stuff. The whole thing is on netflix though, if you have a subscription.
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