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Good movie clips for teaching concepts?

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    So I love the Physics of Superheroes, I use it a lot when I teach. Today I did a lesson on work and energy using scenes from Spider-Man (climbing the wall for Work - > Gravitational PE, swinging from the top of the building for Gravitational PE -> KE) and Spider-Man 2 (stopping the train for KE -> Elastic PE). The students loved it. Even though it's the exact same situations we talk about in problems, just having that 2-3 minute clip of a movie they liked made them more interested.

    Anyone have good ideas about clips to use for teaching key concepts?

    I'm looking to do more Energy and include Power, but I'd love to start a thread for all suggestions.
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    Ewoks in the Battle for Endor StarWars VI use a variety of simple machines like the swinging log to take out the Empire's Walkers.

    Lord ofthe Rings 3 final battle uses catapults to launch massive blocks at the enemy.

    Robert Mueller in his online Physics for Future Presidents uses the From RAM commercial where the meteorite hits the truck and it survives.
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