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Good northeastern astronomy astrophysics programs

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    Hi, the name really says it all, ive been looking for good colleges that focus on astronomy and astrophysics, either or. The problem is that the college search sites really are not good at deciding between a college with astronomy, and a GOOD college with astronomy, one that has research, good teachers etc.
    Any college would be helpful, i want to stay close to the east coast, 4 hours away from new york city tops. and im not good enough for the ivy leagues.

    also is there any ok schools for astronomy and astrophysics, not the best, but good saftey schools

    thanks for the help
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    What are you planning to do with that degree? There's not a lot you can do without a PhD in astronomy or physics, and frankly a physics major would be the best preparation you can get - you don't need a separate astronomy or astrophysics major. A physics major with classes in astronomy, math, and computer science would prepare you for either physics or astronomy grad programs. And you can study physics almost anywhere. Good programs within a few hours of NYC would be Rutgers, UMass Amherst, BU, Penn State, and a whole bunch of liberal arts colleges. Those often give you the opportunity to start research early, so don't discount them.
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    i was thinking of going to join a government program, NASA, etc.
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    There are 12 colleges in your area that offer a MS or higher in astronomy, indicating that their undergrad programs are at least moderately strong. (Although in some cases, their undergrad degrees are in physics). Seven are Ivies.

    The remaining 5 are Boston University, Penn State, U Mass, Maryland and Wesleyan. Wesleyan does not have a PhD program.
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    You might also look at NYU and SUNY-Stony Brook. Both have good astrophysics programs.
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    I second this. I know a few students at Stony Brook who study Astronomy and they are extremely happy there. Also, I've heard only good things about NYU's physics and astronomy programs -- though I believe they only offer astronomy at the graduate level. Check into it though, they're both great schools.
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