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Good textbook for general relativity and quantum mechanic

  1. Sep 17, 2011 #1
    I want to get the fully understanding in general relativity and quantum mechanic in the level that I can master it and use it for computation. I can handle most of equation, so please suggest me no matter how complex the equation in the book is. I really want it to do some reserch to send as an application material for master degree in astrophysics. So please suggest me (many books would be good).:smile:
    For my education background : I graduated from aerospace engineering, However during undergrad I read some physics textbook that have quantum machanic and relativity(not the quantum and GR text) but those book doesn't prove and analyse some equation. So my purpose is to understand these 2 theories as I understand newton law F=ma, I mean the real basic real understanding not just memorize the method.
    Thank you for your reccomendation
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    We need to know your academic background before people can recommend books.
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    What was your undergraduate degree? If you lack coursework in QM, that's what I'd concentrate on. You'll find many threads in this section of the forum with recommendations for books. But I expect that you'd have to do coursework to make up the deficiency anyway if you got into a master's program.
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    I graduated from aerospace engineering. I've never take relativity and quantum mechanic course. However, I read some physic textbooks which include these subjects for example principle of physics by serway. So much of my knowledge came from self studying
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