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Good thermodynamics text/videos?

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    Know of any thermodynamics text that's better than "fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics" From Wiley publishing?
    Shortcomings- very few example problems, and I feel like it's missing something, but I'm not quite sure what. Like, there's a disconnect between the science and the practice of thermodynamics

    I am willing to pound my head against a graduate level text, if that is what is necessary.

    Any good video lectures?

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    I've personally found "Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics" to be a good text for reference, what you need in my opinion is to work with the teacher/TA to understand the examples presented in the text.

    What topics specifically are you having trouble with?
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    I agree this is often the case.

    However I also agree with this since it is vitally important to know your area of interest in thermodynamics.
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    I guess I'm really looking for a reference textbook- like something I can keep on a shelf and refer to in the future if I'm developing something that requires a thermodynamic analysis
    I mean, I know the basics of the energy rate balance; but if I need to assume that a compressor doesn't change the entropy of a fluid, I don't know what kind of assumptions I'll have to make.
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    I'm sorry, but that didn't tell me much other than you appear to want a textbook on compressors.

    If you want a good answer you need to ask a good question.

    Engineering or Physics viewpoint

    If Engineering

    Chemical plant engineering?, turbine?, Heatpump?, combustion engine? General mechanical? steam engine?

    but then I'm doing your work for you.
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    If I asked this question about fluid dynamics, everyone tends to answer munson/young/okiishi. I'm looking for something like that. Or is thermodynamics more broad a field than fluid dynamics?
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    Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics are very different things although there is some common ground.

    I am still at a loss to know exactly what you are seeking.

    Anyway here is a list of books I have found useful

    Basic Engineering Thermodynamics : Rayner Joel

    Exactly what is says introductory to intermediate level for steam plant, refrigeration plant, IC engines, tubines etc

    Engineering Thermodynamics, Work and Heat Transfer : Rogers and Mayhew

    Intermediate to advanced as above. The UK engineers bible.

    Essentials of Engineering Fluid Mechanics : Olsen

    Slanted towards mechanical engineering fluids

    Introduction to Heat Transfer : Incropera and DeWitt

    Big book with lots of examples.

    Concise Appplied Thermodynamics : Phillips and Owen-Jones

    The opposite, very compact but contains lots of useful techniques and worked examples.

    Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics : Smith and Van Ness

    Good book with a Chem Eng slant

    Transport Phenomena : Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot.

    A brilliant book going from elementary to very advanced with a special blend of fluid mechancis and thermodynamics.
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    awesome, thanks
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    The Wiley text is a really good one, and I liked using it in class. Have you considered using Chegg.com so that you can get solutions to book problems and use those as additional examples? I agree that there aren't enough in the book alone, but I think there is a good variety of end of chapter problems that become examples when used with Chegg.
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