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Good tutorials on Algebra II, trig and calc?

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    I want to learn algebra II, trig and calc over the summer but I have a terrible time learning by reading, so is there some youtuber that does tutorials or a program like code academy except for math? Thanks!
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    I'm like that as well, reading textbooks can be very boring indeed. There are tons of videos, look on learnerstv.com for example. You'll probably need a book to give you the topics but there is a lot of information online about school subjects.
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    Are good textbooks on these Mathematics courses rare in your location? The best instruction for these three are found in textbooks dedicated to them. YouTube videos from Khan Academy and some others (do a search on YouTube) are also very helpful. Practice exercises and example problems are necessary. Two other sources found on YouTube which are helpful are DrJamesTanton, and BullCleo1 channels.
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    You can check Khan|Academy:
    • Algebra II
      1. Systems of equations and inequalities
      2. Functions and their graphs
      3. Polynomial and rational functions
      4. Rational expressions
      5. Exponential and logarithmic functions
      6. Logarithms
      7. Imaginary and complex numbers
      8. Conic sections
      9. Matrices
    • Trigonometry
      1. Basic trigonometry
      2. Unit circle definition of trig functions
      3. Graphs of trig functions
      4. Trig identities and examples
    • Precalculus
      1. Vectors
      2. Parametric equations and polar coordinates
      3. Probability and combinatorics
      4. Sequences, series and induction
      5. Hyperbolic functions
      6. Limits (Preview)
    • Calculus I
      • Differential Calculus
        1. Limits
        2. Taking derivatives
        3. Derivative applications
      • Integral Calculus
        1. Indefinite and definite integrals
        2. Solids of revolution
        3. Sequences, series and function approximation
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