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Programs GPA requirements for PhD programs

  1. Jan 22, 2013 #1
    I was wondering if most Science and Engineering PhD programs look at the entire undergrad gpa or the Junior/Senior gpa? I am a returning student and my old gpa (from 12 years ago) is 2.04 after 63 credits. I figured out that depending on which path I take to finish my undergrad I will need to finish with an average gpa of about 3.7 or higher just to pull my overall gpa to a 3.0. Will my old gpa hurt my chances?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Cannot speak for others - at the University of Auckland, the gpa for only the final qualifying year is all that matters unless you are very borderline and/or you are entering a restricted program.

    Of course none of it matters if someone important wants to supervise you :)
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    Most look at your entire GPA. But at most schools (or in most states), credits expire after 10 years if you don't apply them to a degree, which means your GPA starts over (and you have to start over from the beginning with your bachelors degree). Are you sure your credits are still valid?
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    Yes they are still valid. I'm at Penn State they have something called academic renewal but to qualify you have to be out for more than 4 years AND have a gpa lower than 2.00. So my 2.04 just narrowly missed the cutoff. Too bad my younger self didn't know this or maybe I would've put more effort into skipping class and not studying lol.
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