What is Low gpa: Definition and 47 Discussions

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  1. P

    Admissions Minimum GPA & GPA-Importance for Top PhD Programs

    I go to a good private undergraduate institute with a small physics program (~#50 per US News, but I am not sure whether that's reliable). I am in my 2nd year and my GPA is around 3.6 after messing up my sophomore year. I am doing better now but at most I will graduate with a GPA ~ 3.85 (with...
  2. U

    Admissions How to be a competitive applicant with a low GPA?

    I have gone through some posts on a low GPA on this forum but I need more personal response on my profile. My BS (3.37/4.0) and MS (3.58/4.0) in Physics from a university in Africa (Nigeria). I am interested in theoretical condensed matter physics and I have 4 years experience in ordering and...
  3. beatji

    Admissions Need advice for Low GPA / Good Research / HEPth PhD application

    Hi, I'm an international student and I am planning to apply for HEPth PhD in the US in 2026. I'm afraid I won't get accepted anywhere because it is too competitive. I have a low GPA in undergraduate courses and there are 2 schools since I transferred to another Uni. In detail, #First school-...
  4. J

    Admissions What REU's to apply to with a mediocre GPA?

    I'm currently a sophomore just about to finish my 3rd semester and I'm trying to apply for some internships over the summer to earn extra money/experience. After today it's looking like my submitted GPA will be a high 3.3 (3.4 if my last final goes very well) because I tanked my freshman fall...
  5. Hassan Raza

    Is a Low CGPA a Deal Breaker for Grad School Admissions?

    Hi! I want to apply in Grad schools in USA as an international Student. But my cgpa is around 2.69. Most of the graduate school require at least 3.0. But there are some that do not have any minimum cgpa requirement on their website. But people say it's very difficult to get admission. I've not...
  6. V

    Physics Transitioning to Physics after 10+ years in software, low gpa

    Hello everyone, I am from India.I completed my Bachelors in Engineering, ECE to specific from a very average Indian college in year 2006 with many backlogs and year gaps. Since then I have been working in the IT industry.I have a undergraduate percentage of 56%, using...
  7. P

    Admissions Grad schools acceptance with a low GPA

    Hello everyone, I currently have a 2.8 GPA after my sophomore year. I am working towards getting my BS in Physics with two minors, Computer Science and Mathematics. I know that my GPA is low to get into Grad school at this moment but I believe that I will be able to pull the GPA up to a 3.3 by...
  8. Ellegal

    Schools Top School, Low GPA, Good CV -- Grad School for Theoretical Physics?

    Hey Everyone. So basically I'm having tonnes of anxiety about my future and would like a bit of a reality check on where I stand and what I will be able to achieve. I go to one of the best universities in the US for undergrad Physics, yet my GPA is on the lower side (3.1). This university was...
  9. T

    Admissions Masters application with a low GPA

    Hello! I just completed my honors from Bangladesh with a 2.90 gpa in Physics. I want to get a masters and if possible a PhD as well in Biomedical physics. Would it be possible for me to get accepted in any university in US with full funding if I manage to get a high GRE and TOEFL score?
  10. PrinceWalnut

    Admissions PhD Applications with a low GPA (due to depression in my junior year)

    Hi all, It's a few short months before grad school applications are due, and I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. Prior to my junior year, I knew what I wanted to do is physics research for my career, and I'm particularly interested in biological and condensed matter physics. My skills are more...
  11. I

    Schools Realistic Chance at Grad School?

    Hello, I am an Aerospace Engineering major looking to get accepted to a Physics Ph.D. program. I aced the Physics GRE (990), but my GPA is 3.05 following an uphill trend - early semesters as low as 1.3 to recent 4.0 (top 10 Aero school if it matters). Research experience is limited - I've...
  12. N

    Programs EE grad studies with low GPA, non-degree courses?

    Hello everyone, Last year, I graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from a Canadian university with a horrible GPA of 2.62 (reasons why I got this gpa explained here) I have never forgotten about the dream of finally getting into graduate studies, mainly in the field of...
  13. A

    Courses Low GPA, Some Experience & Guidance?

    Hey all, So I just joined this forum, thinking it might be a good source of advice for something. I'm a Junior year Physics major at a decent state university school, and I have a GPA of 2.87. I had a few internships in High School and a summer/part time coding job for some planetary...
  14. L

    Admissions Low GPA, EE undergraduate major applying HEP PhD

    Hi Before closing, I apologize for too long passage calling for the advise. I thought I need to give the potential advisors as precise information as I can. I graduated from a university in South Korea with major in Electrical engineering and minor in physics. I decided to change my major to...
  15. A

    Schools Can I get into grad school with such a low GPA

    Hey, I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineering senior, studying at the American University of Beirut, one of the top schools in the region. I have recently realized that I really want to go to graduate school and study theoretical computer science, however, due to a general lack of motivation...
  16. N

    EE Grad studies - Canada with low gpa

    Hello everyone, I need your advice here. I am in my last term in EE in a fairly reputable school in Canada (or so they say). Due to a variety of factors, my gpa is pretty embarrassing (I am looking forward to graduate with a 2.6x gpa) I understand this is well below the 3.0 line for grad...
  17. T

    Low GPA, interested in doing research

    Hello all, I have a below 3.0 GPA, but am interested in doing any type of research / internship / co-op in some type of lab. I'm not particularly picky at this point, I just want to get some experience. I am looking for a position for FALL. I am a junior in college but am not attending in Fall...
  18. J

    Graduate Physics? Plenty of research experience, low GPA

    I've been reading many of these forums regarding students with low GPAs, or low GRE scores, etc., but I am in a slightly different situation. I am about to head into my senior year of undergrad and will receive a physics BS and an applied math BS. My GPA isn't much better than a 3.0, which it...
  19. B

    Struggling with Low GPA in Physics | Academic Guidance for Future Success

    I just finished second year physics and I passed everything but not by a lot. My cum GPA is ~1.7 and program GPA is ~1.8. I've done the math and I would need at least a A+ on every single course for the next 2 years to get my GPA up to only a 3. First year didn't treat me too well and and 2nd...
  20. R

    Physics undergrad research woes

    Hey everyone, I'm currently into my second semester of a physics B.S with a math minor. After a poorly planned dabble in a chemistry double major and some mental health issues, I left last semester with a 3.1 GPA, and it likely won't get much better after this semester either. Grad school has...
  21. C

    What to do with my Physics Degree (low GPA)

    Hi everyone, This post is a hybrid between career guidance and academic guidance. I'll be graduating with my B.Sc. in Physics next year in April 2016, from a Canadian university. I had a very rough first couple years, but I seem to be improving. My GPA is really low right now 2.33, I think (my...
  22. J

    Schools Freaking out - Not sure if I have a shot at grad school

    Hello all, Sorry for the long(ish) post but please bear with me, I've been reading posts in this forum for a while but haven't posted myself before. I have the feeling this sort of thread crops up a lot but I really feel like I need some advice. So I'm applying for masters programs in...
  23. I

    Schools Low gpa, any chance of getting into a good grad school?

    i'm a physics major at a tech school. my cumulative gpa is a 2.78. my physics gpa is somewhere between a 3.6~3.7. mainly the physics classes i didn't do well in were the physics labs 1 & 2, and the classes in general i didn't do well in were my humanities classes. REU's are out of the question...
  24. S

    Progress to recovering from a low GPA is too slow?

    Hello, I'm currently a sophomore at a top private university. In high school I had a 3.9 GPA, and never really had trouble with getting A's. I had top percentile SAT scores, and using this I now attend a private university ranked in the top 30 of the U.S. Unfortunately, my first year adjusting...
  25. N

    Programs Can Switching Majors to Applied Mathematics Offset a Low GPA for Grad School?

    Hi, I am a sophomore who was majoring in accounting. I really did not like it and ended up doing poorly. But I did enjoy the math side. I did well in calculus and statistics. I did a bit of research into the required courses and job prospects for an Applied Mathematics major and it sounds good...
  26. N

    Is NE degree with low gpa worth anything?

    I am an undergrad at UC Berkeley in my junior year. It is my first semester at UC Berkeley because I came as a transfer student from a community college, majoring in nuclear engineering. I had a 4.0 gpa at the community college, so I thought I would do good at UCB and then go to graduate school...
  27. B

    What can I do with a very low GPA?

    I am finishing my physics Bachelor's of Science degree. I got 50-70% grades in every course from first year to fourth year. Also, I never got any research experience. I have neither academic or non-academic distinctions. Nothing special at all - I was just a thoroughly mediocre student. I...
  28. T

    Engineering Low GPA, beef up resume-mechanical engineer

    Okay, I will be graduating soon with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, but I don't have a good, respectable GPA. So without retaking my classes, what things could I do, to beef up my resume? Like short courses in something, CPR and first aid certificate... Is there anything I could...
  29. U

    Schools Grad School Chances with a Low GPA: My Story

    So I'm trying to finish up my BS in Mechanical Engineering technology, have decided within the last year I definitely want to go to grad school for a masters in actual engineering, just worried about my chances. My present GPA is around 3.23, I'm retaking a class that if I do good in should...
  30. B

    22 years old. Need advice on what to do with my low GPA and transferring out of CC.

    I'm majoring in electrical engineering right now. My GPA is currently at around a 3.0-3.15. I lacked motivation all throughout my entire academic career. It's only been recent that I have been trying harder. I applied to many UC's already, but I know there isn't really much hope there since...
  31. L

    Testing How much does improvement in GPA compensate for initially low GPA?

    I'm applying to grad school wanting to do experimental high-energy physics. My first semester of college, I got a 3.0. Keep in mind at this point, I wasn't taking any physics. I've started getting better grades as my study skills have improved and as I've started taking more physics and math...
  32. R

    Engineering Civil engineering student, low gpa. advice?

    i have 3 more semesters to go to get my civil engineering degree, currently my gpa is 2.5. i was ignorant and careless when i first started school, i have just started to get good grades my last 3 semesters. A's and B's. its going to be next to impossible to graduate with a 3.0 gpa...
  33. N

    Schools Boosting GPA for Grad School: Should I Apply Now or Wait?

    I'm senior UCSB phys program that currently has 2.6 GPA not good at all this year I'm retaking some classes and working hard to improve my GPA and plan on boosting to 2.9. Right now I'm studying for physGRE, and getting research. Right now I'm looking at masters programs at CSUs and wondering...
  34. G

    (Australian) Stuck in 2nd year Chemistry with low gpa :'(

    Here's the deal, I got into Applied Sciences degree and now find myself going down a Chemistry major route and doing really badly at it. I cannot move to a Computer Science in my course so I have to transfer. So I can at least have grounds to be awarded a minor. In order to transfer to a...
  35. R

    I have low gpa, but i want to go to grad school in a different subject.?

    I graduated from a top undergraduate program in applied mathematics with a general GPA of 2.91, subject GPA of 3.13 from a T1, or T2 applied math program in the nation. I found that my GPA don `t reflect my true capacity, and that i chosen the wrong subject to get a degree in. My low GPA might...
  36. B

    Is a Low GPA a Barrier to Pursuing a Master's Degree?

    Hi, this is a undergraduate student who is graduating in this Dec. Honestly, my GPA is quite low. Do u think that, does such a person like me still have the opportunity to pursue a master's degree in physics, or even a P.hD.?
  37. H

    Schools Can Low GPA and Grad School Mix ?

    Hi Guys, My GPA is 2.63, Electrical Engineering, and I am thinking of grad school(Also Electrical Engineering), is it possible or is it too late? and I have a second question, How is designing antennas as a career going on 1) does it pay well, 2) is it very common, 3) is the market...
  38. A

    Low GPA? Mechanical Engineering School Chance w/ 3.2

    I am a double major (physics, comp sci) at a small relatively unknown college. I am a senior and will graduate in 2010. I want to go to engineering school (mechanical) but my GPA is kind of in the toilet. Right now after this summer its sitting at about 2.9. Thus the best I can do before...
  39. M

    Need advice for high energy physics programs with low GPA but good otherwise

    Top university in my country (Taiwan) Undergrad GPA: 3.3/3.1 overall/major Grad (Master) GPA: 3.5 sGRE: 970 GRE: 580/800/4 v/q/w TOEFL: 112 Publication: 3rd out of 50+ authors in PRL I would like to pursue a PhD in physics, but to do that I'd need to get admitted somewhere first... I...
  40. K

    Gaining College Admission Despite Low GPA

    hi, i am in my last high school year. I will apply to college at the end of this year and i am very concerned about my GPA. i am not from mauritius and i never found it very necessary to keep my grades very high. passing averagely was ok for me. Now i am realising that this will affect my GPA...
  41. P

    What is causing my low GPA and how can I improve it?

    I am a third year and half a year behind alredy with many repeats. my GPA is 2.01 at the moment. I think I do study but I find it very hard. I think I am a dedicated student, I attend all classes, I hand in all work in time and I try to study as much as I could but I don't get good marks, except...
  42. B

    Transferring Schools: Can I Make Up for My Low GPA?

    So after high school I had applied to two colleges, Clarkson University and University of Vermont. I ended up going to Clarkson first and, almost dropping out, went to UVM later. I now have 2 years left and am about to transfer again. My GPA is 2.86. I've spent the last year saving up...
  43. F

    Is Memorizing Equations the Best Way to Succeed in Physics?

    Fellows i don't have a good GPA . Can i have a chance for a PhD in a "good" American University with a good GRE physics grade ?
  44. W

    Fresh Start: Moving to a New School with a Low GPA

    Lets say you have a bad GPA at one school, can you go to another school without telling them about your bad GPA and start all over without transfering any credits?
  45. T

    Low GPA for Physics, Math & CSCI Grad Schools

    I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but what is the lowest gpa one can have to be accepted by graduate schools in the areas of physics, mathematics, and/or computer science? I will be a junior next year and I'm majoring in physics and math/csci. But I don't regularly have the best...
  46. F

    Schools Making Up for a Low GPA: Applying to Grad School

    it's just about time to start applying to grad schools here. since it's probably too late to do anything about a low gpa I wonder if the kinds of courses I've done could "cancel" that out somehow. my school requires at least 4 4th-year courses (cross-listed with 5th-year master's ones i guess)...
  47. K

    Fix Low GPA: Options to Improve Academic Transcripts

    I made some very stupid mistakes a few years ago when I dropped out of college. At the time, I assumed that I would never be going back and basicly signed up for 2 semesters of courses and never went to class or dropped the classes. Does anyone know if I would have a chance of getting that...