Grade 11 Physics: Motion project help/ideas?

In summary, SydDF is looking for ideas on motion for her physics project. She is considering an experiment involving different surfaces and friction. Another suggestion she received was to make a perpetual motion machine.
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Hi guys, This might seem like a rather ambiguous question but I have a physics project on motion that I need to do. It is rather a big project accounting for a weighting of around 15-17% of my total year mark.

Now here's the thing I need to find something to investigate/experiment with regarding motion but, I am stuck on Motion investigation Ideas. So If anyone could help me in choosing an idea related to motion for my project it will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you

-SydDF I'm β than you. I catch fish with my Ʃ

P.S. If I have posted in the wrong sub forum, sorry for an inconvenience.

Edit: An experiment of medium difficulty would suffice
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ball rolling down a slope? on different surfaces to see the affect friction has on motion? sorry I am not much of a physics wizz but it popped into my head thought it may or may not help
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Hmm thank you for that but that would be rather too simple for my teacher. Besides my friend in class alredy did a similar project to friction but instead used viscosity and density of liquids acting on a block, moving down a slope.

Any other suggestions? ^_^ (At the moment i can't really think of any motion related material because I just finished the heating and cooling topic for this term)
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Can you build a perpetual motion machine?
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You mean something that endlessly continues motion without loss of energy? Such as a Newtons cradle?
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sure, there's other things you can do as well I am sure, but you could get all crafty and technical and make one, might take some time though
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everyone loves that drinking bird thing.
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Yes thankyou hayley I am looking into this idea currently right now. Thank you so much.

Reminds of that simpsons episode where Homer is too lazy to press the Y key on his keyboard and uses that drinking birdy thingy.

Anyways if you or anyone still have more ideas, don't be afraid to spill them here.
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np glad i could help on some way :)

1. How do I choose a topic for my Grade 11 Physics: Motion project?

When choosing a topic for your project, think about your interests and what you want to learn more about. You can also consider real-world applications of motion, such as sports or transportation. Make sure your topic is specific and manageable for the scope of your project.

2. What are some ideas for a Grade 11 Physics: Motion project?

Some ideas for a motion project could include studying the motion of a projectile, analyzing the forces involved in a specific sport or activity, or designing and testing a simple machine that demonstrates motion. You could also explore the motion of objects in space or the motion of waves.

3. How can I collect data for my Grade 11 Physics: Motion project?

There are many ways to collect data for a motion project. You can perform experiments and record measurements using tools like stopwatches, rulers, and motion sensors. You can also use simulations or gather data from real-world sources such as videos or online databases.

4. What should I include in my Grade 11 Physics: Motion project report?

Your project report should include an introduction to your topic, a description of your methods and data collection, an analysis of your results, and a conclusion that summarizes your findings. You should also include any graphs, charts, or diagrams to illustrate your results and any sources you used for research.

5. How can I make my Grade 11 Physics: Motion project stand out?

To make your project stand out, you can incorporate creative and innovative ideas, use advanced data analysis techniques, or include multimedia elements such as videos or interactive simulations. You can also make connections to real-world applications or propose your own hypotheses and experiments to further explore the topic.

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