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Homework Statement

Hi everyone,
This is the first time I have posted here so please be nice! I am looking for a topic for my year 12 physics EEI (extended experimental investigation), where we have to chose ANYTHING, test it (quantative data needed), generate rules (potentially linking the possible numerous variables we test), graphs etc... and write a report on everything.
We really can do what ever we want, however the topic needs to have some sort of depth, we need to be able to have a high standard of physics to discuss. So that leaves 2 choices:
1. An easy experiement (eg. dropping things in water and timing them, something that could be done in junior science) however with more variables and generating relationships between them all, going MUCH further than junior science.
2. A harder experiment (eg. light refraction of a rainbow or something...) and only discussing 1 variable, however as it is a much harder topic, harder to conceptualise, would still be able to get a very high mark.
I really am not sure what topic to do, I was thinking a very easy topic (viscosity, possibly relating it to temperature, dropping items in liquids and timing, something along those lines) OR a practical application of leverage in horse bits as seen in the picture bellow(A curb bit which consists of 2 shanks, a mouthpiece in the middle, a chain attached to the top shank which passes under the chin to the other shank, and the reins attached to the bottom shank, there is a fair amount of physics behind it but not too much "depth")

Homework Equations

Here is an extract from a site (sorry am not allowed to include URL):
"The severity of the curb is based on the ratio of length of the rein shank to chain shank according to the following formula:

The pivot point to where the reins are attached at the end of the long shank
-------------- (divided by) --------------
The pivot point to where the curb chain is attached at the end of the short shank "

The Attempt at a Solution

I have attached a picture of how I intend on testing the increase in pressure, as if for example I use a 2kg weight, I would be able to notice the increase. I could then change the length of shank as my variable, as well as possibly including the relationsip for the curb chain (see second picture of horses mouth).

I like the idea of doing the bit as it interests me, and I have a lot of personal experience in that area. Please let me know if you think my idea for an assignment would be a decent one (or I should leave what I enjoy out of it and try something different), or if you had any suggestions on improvements, or other topics I would be more than happy to hear them!
(sorry it is such a long post!)


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Answers and Replies

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Defiantly go with what interest you, it will make the whole process more enjoyable. However, as your topic is pretty simple mechanics, I would describe the entire process of using a bit in as exact terms as possible. Don't negate any frictional forces, define surface areas of forces, define multiplication of forces from the hand to the horse, maybe play around with temperature differences (riding on a cold morning), even define forces for different bit designs and try to explain the point of its engineering designs. Maybe you could even design a new bit or tweak an old one.

The world around us is so incredibly complicated you could pretty much write an overwhelming paper on almost anything in what we consider daily life.

Best of luck on your paper kestrel!
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Thanks so much for your very quick reply robertm!
That is also a good point about surface area, the different bit designs and the multiplication of forces, however I am not sure as to how frictional forces or temperature would effect/be tested. Something that did come to mind from reading your post is the areas where all the pressure is (roof of mouth, tounge, poll, chin, and lips), which I could all test and from that I could design/tweek an origional design. Thanks so much again for your help!

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