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[Grade 12 math] Textbook Supplements

  1. Nov 26, 2013 #1

    I am taking grade 12 advanced functions which is not that great; examples and questions aren't that good. I was wondering if there any other textbook similar to the Advanced Function by Mcgraw Hill Ryerson in terms of difficulty. I heard there is AP advanced function and AP calculus, what textbooks do they use? btw I am from Ontario, Canada.

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    There is no AP "advanced functions" to my knowledge and this is not AP calculus level maths as far as I am aware. In the US system I think this is equivalent to precalculus, so try googling resources for that (there should be lots). In the UK system this is a mishmash of GCSE and AS level. Check out BBC Bitesize and mathsrevision.net. The stuff on motion will be listed as mechanics or physics in the UK based resources.

    As the previous paragraph probably suggests, you're likely better off with online resources than textbooks. There are tons of resources of this level available for free on the internet, and textbooks for this level of maths tend to be more or less the same, because it's so well defined there's not much room for clever and/or unusual pedagogical techniques.
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