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Nuclear Theoretical Nuclear Physics Textbook

  1. May 29, 2017 #1

    I am interested in getting into low-energy experimental nuclear physics. I have studied quantum mechanics and a few introductory nuclear science textbooks (e.g. Shultis + Faw: Introduction to Nuclear Science and Engineering).

    I found the textbook Theoretical Nuclear Physics by Blatt and Weisskopf which, content- and difficulty-wise, seems to be exactly what I am looking for. However, this book has no problems. Hence I am looking for either a book of problems in nuclear physics to supplement it or a textbook that has similar material/difficulty along with problems.

    For reference, I looked at Krane's Introductory Nuclear Physics and I am looking for something more advanced. I am looking for something that treats most of the subject quantum mechanically. The specific material that I want to study is 2-body problems (including scattering), nuclear spectroscopic models, quantum mechanical treatment of nuclear reactions, and interaction of nuclei with EM radiation.
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    The Nuclear Many-Body Problem

    Authors: Ring, Peter, Schuck, Peter
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    This book also looks great but there are no problems at the end of the chapters.

    The specific reason why I am looking for problems is because I am trying to organize a small reading group and it will be much easier to gauge progress if we all do problem sets.
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