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Programs Graduate programs in Field Theory (PhD)

Hello everyone,

Upon my comment on the insight "Applying for Physics Graduate School - Comments", Mr. Bill (bhobba) suggested that I need to write an individual post regarding my inquiry.

I am looking for physics graduate programs (PhD). My senior project/thesis was on classical field theory and the subject really touched me, I am not sure what branch of physics I should do my graduate studies on, but I am leaning toward theoretical QFT and QED based on my previous experience.
I would appreciate a supervisor with a rigorous approach to the physical problems (Not mathematical physics)

There are a lot of universities out there, and I am not sure where to apply to. I would appreciate your suggestions and comments regarding the matter.
Your description is a little bit vague... your best bet might be to find papers that you are interested in, and look up the programs in which they were published.

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