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Graduate school in applied math, physics, or engineering?

  1. Nov 29, 2014 #1
    Im about to graduate with a physics and math double major, so I'm currently searching for graduate programs that include applied physics, applied math, and engineering. Ultimately I am interested in applying science/math to practical applications in engineering or earth science. My goal is to complete a Ph.D. and work in a government lab or industry. Im really in search of a program that has a decent balance of hands on experimental work along with modeling and theory done within a research group. Im wondering if anyone has experience in these kinds of programs and/or have advice for what type of graduate program I should look for in general or even for specific schools. I appreciate any wisdom on this.
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    Ultimately, it all depends on your own interests.

    You could look for a group doing work on seismic predictions, with a view toward earth quake engineering work.

    You could look at soils engineering and foundations. This does not appear very glamorous, but there is a great need for better knowledge in this area. The whole field is very wide open I think. I would look at Civil Engineering for this.

    You could look at Petroleum engineering for a better understanding of reservoir mechanics and the formation of petroleum in the earth.
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