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Graduate school in Europe (getting out of Canada)

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    I want to go to a graduate school in Europe for an M.Sc in Mathematics, but I don't know my chances.

    I have an honors B.Sc in pure and applied math from a Canadian university and not one of the best ones. My GPA is very high, almost all A+s (they give them here), I speak five languages, was involved in everything (student council, president of the debate team, amnesty international, organised theatre shows and festivals, member of the dance collective,......) and won a medal for outstanding achievement

    However, I only got a C+ on my honours project (which will likely hurt me quite severely) and had a falling out with the professor who oversaw my honours project and was supposed to be my main reference because I was the only one who he gave A+s to in the 4 abstract algebra classes. I was fairly well known in the department, being the only girl, but I have a reputation for not really showing up to classes, learning everything the day before the exam and still getting the highest mark in the class due to the delightful 100% final option. I have also been out of school for the last year traveling around and teaching math in south east Asia and I know math student are not supposed to take time off, (though I was keeping up with my own work on number properties of field extension and trying to solve P/NP I was working alone and don't have much to show except for a lot of notebooks full of incoherent scribbling).

    I am wondering about my odds of getting in to a European school and I would need full funding.

    I desperately want to escape eternity in the Canadian university system so if any one could give me advice or suggestions I would appreciate it.
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    First: choose a country
    Second: choose a field
    third: choose a goal, what do you really want to do with life? I get this feeling that you are not really finished with your teen-years. I can be wrong however.
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