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Discrete Combinatorics and Graph Theory books

  1. May 31, 2015 #1
    Dear Physics Forum advisers,

    My recent study on number theory and cryptography got me really interested in the fields of combinatorics and graph theory. I am really interested in learning about them independently now since I will not be able to take the combinatorics course until next year, and there is no undergraduate graph theory course in my university :(. My research lab has "Introductory Combinatorics, 5th" by Richard Brualdi, "Introduction to Graph Theory, 2nd" by Douglas West, and "Applied Combinatorics, 6th" by Alan Tucker. Is any of those textbooks good to study combinatorics and graph theory? I am hesitating in purchasing additional textbooks since I spent most of my money on other textbooks.....But I will purchase what you recommend if all those books are not good as an introduction. Brualdi is a required text for my future undegraduate combinatorics course.


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