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Graphing a vertical line on graphing utility

  1. Jun 12, 2010 #1
    Is it possible to graph a vertical line such as X=2 on a graphing calculator?

    How would one graph a vertical line on the graphing calculator?
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    just found the answer.

    [2ND] [PRGM]
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    Since you haven't said what "graphing utility" you are using or what those commands do, this makes no sense at all!
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    Sorry. I am using a TI-84 Plus graphing calculator. To graph a vertical line:
    Hit the [2ND] key followed by the [PRGM] key.

    This brings you to the menu:
    1: ClrDraw
    2: Line(
    3: Horizontal
    4: Vertical
    5: Tangent
    6: Draw
    7: Shade
    8: DrawInv
    9: Circle(
    0: Text(
    A: Pen

    select Vertical by pushing the [4] key

    This will take you to the main screen displaying Vertical

    If I were trying to graph the equation X=2, I would now push the [2] key.

    This process allows one to graph a vertical line on a TI 84 graphing calculator

    * I apologize if my question/answer were not phrased clearly, or if this question has been answered before. Is "graphing utility" not the correct word to use? That is the term used in my text books.
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    "Graphing utility" is a generic term for a device that can display graphs. If you want advice on how to graph something on a specific device, you need to specify the device you're using, since different devices tend to do things in different ways.
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