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Gravity and ideas of how we can effect it on earth

  1. Dec 23, 2012 #1
    Still in 2012 there is no reason for gravity (that i can find online) and only the few laws of gravity (Newton, Einstein). I am no Scientist and not claiming i know allot about Physics however i do know the basics and want people to put the basics aside and think outside the square on this question. "how we can effect it on earth"

    Also another question is if "large" objects with allot of mass cause gravity on/in time-space (mesh), is there a minimum and maximum for the effects of gravity and why if we put something into space (like a spacecraft) that it does not create any gravity of its own? or does it? I would think that if you put something on nothing then it would create something (even if it is very small) given every action has a reaction.

    again I am no scientist so be nice and please don't answer by saying we don't know that yet, facts or your ideas will be a good answer.
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    There is no reason for any fundamental physical law.
    I would be concerned if there would be 10 or more sets of laws of gravity. They cannot be all true, unless they are just different ways to write the same laws.

    The laws itself? Not at all.
    Gravity? Move masses around.

    There is no known minimum, and such a minimum would be really strange. After all, the earth is just a big collection of small particles. If you don't get gravity from all those particles on their own, why should you get gravity if those particles are close to each other?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    We do not "put the basics aside and think outside the box" here at the PF. Please check your PMs and re-read the Rules link at the top of the page. Thread is locked.
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    "No reason for gravity"? Surely you don't mean that? I like breathing and rely on gravity to keep the air from floating off into space!

    I'm not sure what you mean by "think outside the square". If you mean ignore what we do know, then all you will get is non-sense. I could, for example, "put the basics aside and think outside the square", declaring that painting an object green will make it resistant to gravity. But that won't make it true!

    Every theory we have says that any with mass (or, more correctly, mass-energy) has gravity. I have no idea what you could mean by "put something on nothing".

    Even if it is true that "we don't know that yet"? Even if we "don't know yet" what "causes gravity", any theory we come up with will have to fit the large amounts of facts that we do know about gravity.
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