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Homework Help: Greater degree of the slope=faster acceleration, historical backgroud

  1. Aug 12, 2013 #1
    Is there a physicist who has discovered this, and could you explain how he/she did it or give me?
    Yes I know, I have asked almost the same question, but I need both of them.

    thank you
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    What slope? Acceleration of what? Your question is incredibly vague and non-specific.
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    Giving you as much work as went into your question:
    Pythagoras,Galileo, and Newton.
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    The perfect example of this is:
    you have a wooden plank and when you put a toy car on it, it wont move.
    But when you lift it then the toy car will accelerate, and when you lift it more then the toy car will accelerate even faster.
    But then I have this question if there is a particular historical background of this phenomena? or it does not have one, and it can only be explained by the Newton's laws.
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    I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. Are you asking who discovered that a ball will roll down a hill?!

    Larger angle = larger acceleration was probably discovered intuitively by some caveman.
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    Around the times of Galileo and thenNewton, there were experiments which gave numerical results. The ideas of proportionality and resolving vectors came in around then (I believe). As Astrum says, there was intuitive (sometimes erroneous) appreciation of these things thousands of years before they were regularised and formulated. The Greeks had quite a lot to say but there was more arm waving than experimenting at that time.
    If you're looking for an actual date for this, then there won't have been one - any more than with any major steps forward in Science.
    You might as well ask about dates / events relating to the invention of cooking or metallurgy. It wasn't like that.
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    Galileo did systematic experiments with objects rolling down inclined planes. A Google search for "Galileo inclined plane" turns up some useful links.
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    jtbell thank you so much, I have found what i was looking for
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