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Greater Knowledge = More Evidence for Design?

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    Greater Knowledge = More Evidence for Design??

    I was studying bacteria. With better technology we have been able to determine that bacteria have an extremely detailed motor that allows for transportation. It is equivalent to a human swimming thru thick grease at 60 miles an hour. It baffled my mind thinking that the more information we find ..... the more complex things turned out to be, it seems more evidence for a design rather than a chance. Thoughts?
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    Re: Greater Knowledge = More Evidence for Design??

    Firstly you can't have "more evidence" because there is no evidence for design. Secondly even if there was no explanation for the evolution of a structure that does not mean it did not evolve nor does this count as evidence for other hypotheses. Thirdly there has been plenty of research on flagellum evolution. Lastly creationism/intelligent design is not science and has no place on this science forum, even in S&D.
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