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Green's function for Klein-Gordno equation in curved spacetime

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    Is it possible to define unambiguously retarded and advanced Green's function
    in spacetime without timelike Killing vector. Most often e.g. retarded Green
    function [tex]G_R(t,\vec{x},t',\vec{x}') [/tex] is defined to be 0 unless t'<t
    but maybe one can express this condition using only casual structure
    (without time coordinate)?
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    Yes, this can be done using the causal structure. You don't need a Killing vector to decide if two points are in the past or future of each other (or are spacelike-separated). A good practical introduction to Green's functions in curved spacetimes may be found in http://relativity.livingreviews.org/Articles/lrr-2004-6/" [Broken].
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