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Group theory and characters table

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    where can I find something about Group Theory and Characters Table? How to construct it, what can we do with it, etc...
    Thank you!
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    From experience, the most important finite group with which you will want to deal with in physics is the symmetric group. Fortunately this group has a lot of exactly known properties and derived results. You could try

    Fulton. Young tableau, representation theory and geometry

    or this excellent book,

    S. Hassani, Mathematical Physics.

    Good luck
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    thank you!!!
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    Dr Transport

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    Tinkham is a very good book but hard to read the first time. Try Symmetry Principles and Magnetic Symmetry in Solid State Physics by SJ Joshua. It is very easy to read, has exercizes that are doable and the bonus is that all the exercises are solved in the back to help you find your way.
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