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Group Theory/Set Theory/Discrete Math books?

  1. Jul 9, 2009 #1
    :smile: Hello Merry Friends! Here is my situation:

    I am a fourth-year mechanical engineering student. I am very interested in mathematics though. I feel like my mathematical foundation in quite weak though. I dropped out of high school long ago. And so, though I have maintained a perfect score in all of my college maths, there are many fundamental gaps that are missing.

    I can do algebra and I can do trig and calculus. What I lack is a deep understanding of the fundamentals of math. I have recently been trying to teach myself linear algebra and have realized that I have never seen symbols like [itex]\in\text{ or }\cup\text{ or }\cap[/itex] before. Words like "sets" and "union" and "intersection" I have to repeatedly look up on wiki.

    It has been suggested that I look into some introductory Group Theory/Set Theory/Discrete Math books.

    What do you recommend? Pretend that I am a early High School student and I have no theoretical background in math. I can only 'go through the motions' of basic algebra.

    What do you suggest? Thanks! :smile:
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    This one


    set-theory, proofs, complex numers, linear algebra, group theory, series, introduction to analysis. Exaples and solutions. Cheap, good reviews. Perfect for someone who wants to learn "real" math.

    This one I can personally recommend, since I have learned the stuf from this one, does not contain as many topcs, but focus on Discrete mathematics:

    also this one might be of interest?
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