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Math rock is a style of progressive and indie rock with roots in bands such as King Crimson and Rush as well as 20th-century minimal music composers such as Steve Reich. It is characterized by complex, atypical rhythmic structures (including irregular stopping and starting), counterpoint, odd time signatures, angular melodies, and extended, often dissonant, chords. It bears similarities to post-rock.

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  1. TGV320

    Linear Algebra How hard is this Linear Algebra textbook?

    Hello, I am currently self studying Linear Algebra using MIT lectures and the textbook Introduction to Linear Algebra by professor Gilbert Strang. I'm at the 16th lecture on Projection Matrices and Least squares approximation. The lectures are very informative, but I struggle a lot with...
  2. Garvett

    What and how to study for a pure maths education at university?

    TL;DR Summary: The university pure maths courses feel rough and uninsightful, yet exclude (temporally) the possibility of studying good texts. What and how does one study in order to attain such understanding as to be profound, but allowing, by structure, still to follow the curriculum...
  3. Emi_Garrido

    Recommended books for a physics undergrad

    Hello! I'm new here. I'm on my first year of physics at the UNAM, in Mexico, and I want to now which books and resources would you recommend me to 'survive' in the career, not just in physics, but also in the mathematical formalism for subjects such as geometry, abstract algebra, calculus...
  4. malawi_glenn

    Other Collection of Free Online Math Books and Lecture Notes (part 1)

    School starts soon, and I know students are looking to get their textbooks at bargain prices 🤑 Inspired by this thread I thought that I could share some of my findings of 100% legally free textbooks and lecture notes in mathematics and mathematical physics (mostly focused on geometry) (some of...
  5. matqkks

    Looking for old mathematics textbooks (high school to undergrad level)

    Where can I purchase old mathematics textbooks on Advanced level (16-18 year olds) or undergraduate mathematics? I am ideally looking for books from the 1920’s to 1980’s.
  6. T

    I Need Calculus Book Recommendations please

    Summary:: What calculus books do you recommend? Does Thomas Calculus include all the calculus topics? Hi! I'm a 10th grader and preparing for physics olympiads. I'm planning to learn calculus this summer, i self learned prior required topics before calculus (trigonometry, logarithm etc.) ...
  7. P

    Foundations Should I start with Lang's Basic Mathematics or Gelfand's books?

    I want to review early mathematics to cover the gaps in my knowledge, yet I'm struggling with where to start, or more precisely, how? Should I just go into Lang's book and start developing a sense for proofs and mathematical rigour while also understanding the topics that I missed in school? Or...
  8. Mr.Husky

    Other Learning Real Analysis at My Own Pace

    Hi everyone, I recently started studying real analysis from baby Bruckner couple. It feels me like, "I am running too fast to reach my destination but in the process of running, I decreased my oxygen level." So, I stopped trying to complete uni coursework fast. But rather I started reading...
  9. F

    Foundations What are the best undergraduate math books?

    I intend to self-learn undergraduate math program.What are the books for undergraduate math?Please show me all some books that cover the whole program!
  10. M

    Other What are some sources of recommendations for Math books?

    I'm a lover of books about Mathematics. However, I have noticed it's quite hard to stay in touch with new releases or book reviews in the world of Mathematics. I use GoodReads for recommendations in most genres of Fiction and it does a good job, but it very rarely covers or recommends new books...
  11. F

    Self-study methods for advanced math books and papers

    How to study advanced math books and papers? Advanced math books don't have exercises to practice. What study methods do you use?
  12. E

    Analysis Springer math books 40% off till Nov 30

    Springer math books are 40% off till Nov 30. Coupon code is MATH19PE. I bought Linear Algebra by Axler , the analysis books by Pugh and Abbott. Any further recommendations for good books?
  13. N

    I would love to hear about how you study math books

    Summary: self study math books I wanted to make a post, been a while since my last one. I been taking a few weeks off but back studying linear algebra done right, and i notice a few things. First i will find myself reading the chapter, and fooling myself i get it, but then struggle with the...
  14. josephweeds

    Intro Math Math Books: Algebra, Form & Function, Trigonometry

    Hi everybody. I am looking for some math books (Algebra Form and Function...Trigonometry...) I found a lot but i don't know how to download it :cry:
  15. K

    Intro Physics High School Physics and Math books for self-studying?

    I have had around 2 year gap after finishing high school. The last 2 years of high school (11th and 12th grade where calculus, coordinate geometry, straight lines, circles, vectors, functions, quadratics, polynomials, probability, permutation etc. are taught here) , I barely studied and some how...
  16. V

    Calculus Best textbook to truly understand single variable calculus?

    I am currently self learning high school level AP Calculus BC over the summer. From a mathematical perspective, I have heard that high school level calculus is just pure and shallow computational work. For this reason, I seek a deeper understanding in calculus. So far, the BC curriculum has been...
  17. Demystifier

    Other Science and math books with nice covers

    Serious books on math, physics and related sciences usually have covers which are quite boring and visually not very attractive. (Books that have something to do with Universe are a common exception, but when you see a few of them you have seen them all.) But sometimes, covers are really...
  18. awholenumber

    Intro Math Are there any good math books with logarithm basics?

    I have a couple of college algebra textbooks , but none has some proper intro to logarithm basics . I like to keep a book for logarithm alone , i see some online PDF's on logarithm , but all are sort of messed up . Please help
  19. F

    Other Chinese math books at undergraduate and graduate level

    I don't know if there's anyone here from China, but I'll make this question the same way. I'd like to know if the Chinese books of Mathematics and Physics at undergraduate and graduate level are good (that is, if these books contain many challenging problems)?
  20. Greg Bernhardt

    Can The Complete Idiot's Guide to Calculus Really Simplify Learning Calculus?

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Calculus INTRODUCTION I've never really been very good at math and when I found out I had to take a Calculus class I started to panic. Once I gathered myself I went to the local bookstore to see if I could get a book to read so i could get a heads start. We are...
  21. R

    What are the best physics and math books for high school?

    What are the best physics and math books that countains all the information needed for high school I need internationals books that have the best curriculum from the grade 9 to 12 . The main thing is when I will learn physics in the university I don't want to stop on anything without knowing it .
  22. P

    Other Math Books Required for Physics

    I am self taught, and would like to know more about physics, and engineering, the biggest issue I have been having is that for most physics courses, and textbooks I read, I do not understand the math behind. My highest math education was calc ab ap in high school. I was wondering if you all...
  23. Andres Perez

    Could you recommend me good math books?

    Hello everyone! I discovered the community yesterday by luck (in Spanish we have a word for this: serendipia), I read a couple of threads and decided to join. That's not the point since it's not an introduction thread. I would like you guys to suggest me books about algebra, geometry...
  24. Y

    Intro Math Good math books for pre algebra

    Hi, I'm looking for a good math book for a 10 year old. He's actually very gifted, as he's able to pick up things like factors and equalities pretty fast. The thing is I'm not a math teacher and I think he needs to go over basic geometry and arithmetic before moving on to algebra, basically...
  25. T

    Algebra What is the best book to learn algebra 1 from?

    I need a book that has a lot of problems and can teach me how to solve word problems well and comes with a lot of problems to solve at the end of the chapter or unit.
  26. R

    Popular Physics & Math Books 2014 & 2015

    I seek comprehensive lists of the best or most recommended popular books on particle physics, astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology and mathematics published in 2014 and 2015. These lists should be freely accessible on the web and not hidden behind any paywall or limited to subscribers only...
  27. C

    Foundations Recommended Math books as preparation for bachelor in math?

    For a long time I've been debating whether to study Physics or Math at university (Bachelor), but I'm going to jump into math this summer. I have this feeling that preparing for "logical thinking" and mathematical language/terminology would be a good idea, since all i have is my 3 year old...
  28. Demystifier

    Other Yellow - the color of math books

    Have you noticed that most (advanced) books on mathematics have yellow covers? Why is that?
  29. A

    Other Comprehensive math books for summer self-study

    Hello, I'm planning to spend my summer studying some physics and maths books. Physics books aren't my problem, math books are. I took " calculus 1/2 & differential equations " till now and a material of mathematical methods (vector analysis/general coordinates/complex/gamma-beta functions/...
  30. Greg Bernhardt

    Other Free Math Books: Links to Advanced Calculus, Geometry, and More!

    Feel free to add your own links to free books. Let me know if there are broken links or copyright issues. https://pantherfile.uwm.edu/sorbello/www/classes/mathematica_primer.pdf Advanced Calculus http://www.hs-weingarten.de/~ertel/vorlesungen/mae/matheng-skript-1213.pdf...
  31. M

    Studying Reading Bishop & Goldberg's Tensor Analysis: Prerequisites for Physicists

    I am a graduate student in physics. One of my biggest frustrations in my education is that I often find that my mathematical background is lacking for the work I do. Sure I can make calculations adequately, well enough to even do well in my courses, but I don't feel like I really understand...
  32. D

    Need recommendation on math books for phd in electrical engineering

    Hi, I'm in the early stage of my ph.d program in electrical engineering and I have realized I need to know more math (I'm in circuits). Problem is that I have no idea where to even begin. In my undergraduate, I took the basic math courses (calculus , DEQ, linear algebra) but these aren't...
  33. S

    What Math Books Should I Read to Understand General Relativity?

    Hi, I started reading General Relativity but concepts such as Lorentz transformations, rotations, tensors etc. are, at least in my opinion, poorly explained. Or perhaps the authors assume that the readers are already familiar with such maths? At any rate, I would very much like to read...
  34. T

    Importance of pure math books for aspiring physicists

    Hi everybody! I was wondering how much importance there is in studying pure math, for the budding theoretical physicist? mathematical physicist? Also I was wondering whether a mathematical physicist would work more on mathematical methods that physicists can use or do work like Einstein...
  35. T

    Russian Math Textbooks from MSU?

    Does anyone any good math (or physics) textbook written in style of the MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics,by famous russian mathematicians like V.I.Arnol'd ,Dubrovin ,Gelfand,Piskunov...I mean book that teach you the math in all its rigour but with an orientation toward the natural sciences?
  36. Saitama

    Need suggestions for Math books

    The college I am currently in has started with Differential Calculus. Due to some reasons I haven't been able to attend the lectures. The current book assigned to us is of no help. The book only shows the solved problems on the topic with very less introduction and no geometrical meaning. I...
  37. T

    Math Books: Linear, Multilinear, Category & Graph Theory

    I don't know if this the way I should be going about this, but I need either websites or books. Mainly in Linear Algebra, multilinear Algebra, category theory, and graph theory. I mean It would be cool to find these types of books at the graduate level. I mean, I want to be a mathematician and...
  38. S

    Exploring Mathematics: Women Authors in the Field

    I have a substantial mathematics library. Perusing my collection, however, I noticed that none of the book authors were women. I find the lack of prominent female authors in mathematics to be disturbing, both in my libabrary and in the literature in general. So can any of you recommend me...
  39. O

    Math books for a complete beginner

    Hi, I'm a high school student from Brazil who knows very little math, but I want to learn more (I've learned some stuff in school and forgot almost all of it).* Which books would you recommend? I've heard of Courant's What is Mathematics and of the Schaum's Outlines series. Are these...
  40. S

    Math/CS Majors: Best Books to Learn Theory & Concepts Easily

    Math/CS majors and grads: Which math books do you recommend for theory and concepts? I am retaking college pre-calc Trig and still struggling (C on the first exam). I have yet to ever receive from an instructor or assigned book the following: 1. Why I should care about math / how not to...
  41. C

    Self-Study Math Books for Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations

    I'm interested in teaching myself the following subjects: - Calculus I, II, and III - Linear Algebra - Differential equations The highest math courses I've taken are pre-calculus in high school and business calculus in high school. What books would you all recommend for learning...
  42. S

    LaTeX Lots of old math books converted to latex

    i have come across quite a huge list of free math books from the project Gutenberg, they scan in old books. but theses have been converted to latex so they are REALLY nice to read. they even have links in the pdf. there is a huge list so take a look...
  43. M

    Explanation of a phil. of sci. prompt & suggestions for phil. of math books

    Exactly what the title says. The prompt is this: Chose an actual example of scientific explanation, and use it to evaluate Hempel's and Ruben's accounts of explanation. I am not understanding the second part, how I am supposed to use an example to evaluate Hempel's and Ruben's accounts of...
  44. H

    Preparing for Physics/Computer Science: Good Math Books?

    I want to get into studying Physics or Computer Science. Only problem is my math really isn't good enough, but I have a year to fix that. I only did General Mathematics in high school. So what books would you recommend? Should I buy the textbooks from the advanced mathematics classes and work...
  45. M

    Dover math books for self study

    I graduated with a BA in Classicals and didn't take any math in college. Now that I've been out for a few years I find that I have an overwhelming desire to learn how things work in a way I can describe mathematically (it's hard to explain, hopefully you understand) and am starting some self...
  46. C

    Good science or math books to read

    Can anyone recommend any material to read leisurely?
  47. Z

    Definitive math books for a physics major

    So as a physics undergrad, I have been studying extensively into the popular (and useful) textbooks books by Stewart (Calc), Boas (Methods), and Riley (Methods). Any ways, I was just wondering, is there another book on mathematics for that a physics major should probably like to look, say after...
  48. Pyrrhus

    Little known math books (Binmore)

    I think some of the mathematics books economist students use tend to be largely unknown to other branches of science. Ken Binmore Calculus Ken Binmore Mathematical Analysis Ken Binmore Logit, Sets and Numbers Ken Binmore Topological ideas I like Ken Binmore's books. They are VERY VERY helpful...
  49. P

    Math Books for First-Year Undergrads: Proof-Based Learning

    I am a first-year undergrad and I've recently discovered that I am fascinated by math proofs and therefore would like to do some self-study because the courses that I am able to pick cannot satisfy my need. Could you recommend some books suitable for someone who's just starting?