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Growing a Maple Tree From Seeds

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    Anyone have any advice on starting/growing sugar maples from seeds? I bought some seeds a little while ago, and followed the directions on the package, but they never sprouted. The package said to put them in the fridge for a few months, then plant them. I did that with no luck, so I was hoping someone else could tell me what I'm doing wrong.

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    Nature does it for us. We have maple seedlings in our yard all the time. The seeds blow off the trees in the fall (autumn), or squirrel bury them, as well as acorns, so we have maple and oak seedlings sprouting in spring.

    You might try and bury some in the yard.
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    That would be excellent advice if I had a yard ;)
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    turbo-1's reference nicely describes stratification. However, I would not soak them in hot water, so as not to risk accidentally cooking the plant cells. Soaking in warm water would be fine. Also that particular reference describes germination of Japanese Red Maple. "Sugar Maples" germinate better at lower temperatures.

    This USDA Forestry Service reference, describes why..

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    I still have not been able to access that link turbo-1. Could someone who can access it please post the relevant information here?

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    Essentially, you break the wings off the seeds, put them in a jar of warm water, and let them soak for a day, then you put them in some damp peat moss, sand, soil, etc in a plastic bag (with a few holes poked in it) and store the bag in your refrigerator for 90 days or until the seeds begin to sprout. If you start this process today, your seeds should be ready to plant by mid-May.
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    Thanks turbo-1, just put them in a jar of water.

    The instructions that came with them said to use ice water, maybe that's what wrecked the last few...
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