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Grue and Bleen

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    So I learnt today that Bleen is the integer number between 6 and 7. You might be a little upset about this. However, bleen can still be useful to you, since it is also related to Grue, a very convenient term not to distinguishing blue from green in language. The philosophical implications of the mere existence of concepts such as bleen and grue have far reaching consequences, inlighted in the Kripkenstein interpretation, and pertaining to questions such as "How does signification come to being ?"

    The problem is that, poeple such as Wittgenstein who spent so much time on studying those issues, language and the logical way to make sens, are highly unreadable themselves. What an irony. So instead, one would be better off reading Wittgenstein's biography, which is much more useful to tell funny anecdotes in public.

    To come back to Grue and bleen, they are taken very seriously by the top Superstring/M-theory scientists in the best universities. Depending on which basis you project our your ket in the Hilbert space, you might end up with an additional day for the week end ! Finally fundamental science bringing something in your every day life :smile:

    N.B.: this is not a hoax
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    I though grue and bleen were the new colors that had become popular on the home and garden channel.:tongue:
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    Chi Meson

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    I'll be forty-bleen next grueday
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    mix grue and bleen and you get aquagableen, ok that kill't it.
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    No,not at all.
    For instance,I *know* that number [tex]\pi[/tex] must be of Blue color,and e is a Yellow fellow.
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