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Guidance/advice required for engineering Physics involving scope and career

  1. Engineering physics is a very successful degree.

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  2. No, Don't do engineering Physics. Go for mechanical relelated degree

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  3. Do great in engineering physics and then choose a specialized master's degree.

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  1. Apr 6, 2012 #1
    I will be studying Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Physics in Germany.

    I wanted to ask the scope of this degree ? I have excelled knowledge in Physics and have at times impressed my physics teachers in A Levels with things they were not aware of.

    However, I have always wanted to go towards Mechanical (Megatronics, automobile etc) field.
    But after few searches on this forum and internet, I feel Engineering Physics is quite better and has a better caliber than mechanical engineering.

    Now I wanted some guidance, I wish to know, where can I see myself after doing Engineering Physics -- ? Or where should I opt for masters to have a successful career. I wish to involve in industry as I already have a BASF Chemical Company internship. Where should I lead with my Engineering Physics degree which would best serve my interest and knowledge (aeronautical, megatronics,mechanical,nanotechnology ??)

    Thanks you
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