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Guidance needed for electronic engineering

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    Hi all ! I am a high school graduate and am hoping to pursue a degree in electronic engineering. But, I am not sure if electronic engineering matches my interests. My interests are in computer, communication systems, digital devices, and also programming the devices, etc. Is electronic engineering still for me?

    I also have choices of Computer, telecom and electrical engineering. But, I don't wanna do computer engineering because it's not well-recognized in university and the faculty is not that good. Besides, it particularly focuses on computers. Many people have told me not to go for telecom, simply because it limits you to communication systems only. I am not sure about electrical though because I didn't enjoy studying electric motor and generators sort of stuff.I want a field which matches my interests and occupies a broader scoop in future. BTW, I live in Pakistan.

    Hope, you guys will help me out.....
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    If you really wanna be a Computer Engineer and your current Institution is lacking in that field then why not find another place where you could seek knowledge from. Don't put yourself in a position where you just go along with whatever that is available, if one place doesn't have what you desire, look elsewhere.
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    In the US, I would say your interests definitely falls within the scope of electrical engineering. Here you would take foundation EE courses you first 2-3 years then begin to specialize thereafter. I think, however, that in your part of the world, they separate "electrical engineering" from "electronics engineering." From what I've heard, "electrical" deals more with power systems while "electronics" deals more with circuits. How the rest of the field is divided between the two eludes me.

    Perhaps you can post some descriptions from the university regarding your choices? Sorry if I got this completely all wrong. :tongue2:
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    I have looked through the different programs of the university. Electrical engineering focuses more on machines, energy, power systems, generators and that sort of stuff. While electronic engineering covers embeded systems, digital systems, solid state devices, power/ industrial electronics, circuits, digital signal processing.

    But I want to know which one is in more demand Electrical or electronics?

    Also, how about telecommunication engineering. I have heard that it is also a huge industry. So does it offer a good job prospectus too? is it broad?
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    I would say electronics would then be more in demand then; but that's not to say that you couldn't get some good work in electrical.

    Telecommunications in the US is more of a technical degree. The actual design of what is necessary for the telecommunications industry is performed under electronics engineering.
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    My concepts are that electrical engineering focuses on dams, power systems, generators, electric motors, electric intruments, machines, electric appliances like fans, refrigerators, lights, etc. while electronic engineering focuses on digital systems, communication systems, control systems, processors, signals, electronic appliances like tv, radio, computers (to an extent) and programming the stuff.

    Are my concepts correct ?????

    Thanx for helping
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