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Guide for career in gravity and cosmology

  1. May 28, 2015 #1
    Hi, i am first year in physics graduation. At first I thought study of strings, but over time realize a large uncertainty in the area and my attention turned to the area of cosmology and gravity. I want to know any tips and books to start studying gravity and cosmology and because string theory is a area so uncertain.
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    Why the rush in specializing? With only a year of physics done you only have a tiny slice of what is out there. When you are a senior you can start evaluating what you might want to specialize in.
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    Because in the next semester I already have the opportunity to start a small research along with my university professor of area I choose.
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    Sounds like good experience for an under grad either way.
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    We may have a language problem here. "Physics graduation" is not a native English term, at least not in the US. Which degree are you starting: bachelor's, master's or doctorate?
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