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Guides for learning aeronautics

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    I'm very interested in aeronautics and I wanna learn it as a hobby (maybe I'll even make RC planes) but I really don't know where to start from
    So if anyone could guide me and tell me where to start from that would be much appreciated
    Thanks in advance
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    If you want just a general overview to get you started then Introduction to Flight by Anderson would be a good place. It isn't cheap though, unfortunately. Maybe try and procure a used copy somewhere?
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    Thanks I'll look for it then
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    I'll second (albeit a bit tardily) the recommendation for Anderson's Introduction to Flight. It's a good book.

    If you want something more on aerodynamics, Anderson's Fundamentals of Aerodynamics is a good book.
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    I'll look into it when I'm done with the introduction to aeronautics first
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