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  1. S

    Wind Tunnel Simulation

    Hi everyone, I am currently doing my Computer Science A-Level project and I'm thinking of simulating a wind tunnel but I am also having a really hard time figuring out how to start. I am programming it in Visual Basic (XNA) and using Blender for models. Could anyone guide me in the right...
  2. vinicius0197

    Courses Controls or Aeronautics?

    Hey everyone. I'm a student of Mechanical Engineering right now and even if I'm still a few years ahead to choose a field to major in, I like to have something in mind to focus on. First of all, I really appreciate the aerospace field. Airplanes and spacecraft were my main motivation in...
  3. vinicius0197

    Pathways for MechE in aerospace

    Hi everyone! I'm at the end of the second semester in an mechanical engineering undergraduate course. I love spacecrafts, rocketry, aircraft and all that aerospace stuff, so I'm decided that, so long I finish my undergraduate, I'm going to pursue a major in aerospace (maybe something related to...
  4. D

    Variable Wing Area Concept

    Hey guys!, this is my final year aeronautical engineering project that me and my group are going to work on! we have this concept of producing a roll in an uav/RC aircraft by reducing the area of the wing on one side while keeping the other side area constant or increasing it(gradually) and...
  5. Robin04

    Student planning to apply for aerospace/aeronautics in the UK

    Hi, I'm planning to apply for the Aeronautical Engineering course of Imperial College London for 2017 entry, and I'm starting to realise that the next 2 years is going to be very hard for me, because it's not very easy to get an offer from Imperial. I'll have to work a lot and not just in...
  6. Y

    Terms in aerodynamics

    I want to start studying aerodynamics. To get me started, what are the basic terms that I need to know?
  7. ChimM

    Airplane Airspeed

    Homework Statement For monoplane of Clark Y wing, 36-feet by 6-feet, with 3.8 sq ft. equivalent flat plate area, what should be the airspeed for minimum Horsepower when fuel has been burned so that the total weight is 1800 lb? Homework Equations Wing Area = 36 x 6 = 216 Weight = Lift Weight =...
  8. ChimM

    Calculating Tapered Wing Aircraft

    Hi, can you help me understand this? "the tapered wing having a 6-ft. chord at the root, the leading and trailing edges being tangent to a circle of 2-ft. radius at the tip, and the fuselage being 3 ft. wide." What should the diagram looked like? 2 circles, 1 with 2 ft radius, and 3 ft in...