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Gyroscopic forces in a flywheel kers system

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    What gyroscopic forces act on a car fitted with a flywheel kers system? From what i understand if the flywheel was mounted transversely and rotating clockwise when viewed from the right side of the car and the car turned right gyroscopic precession would cause the car to roll to the left ie a clockwise torque acts on the car viewed from the front. Is this correct? Or would gyroscopic precession not occur because the flywheel isn't rotating about its centre point but is just moving with the car, if that makes sense. Im really confused haha. How would i go about calculating the torque that acts to roll the car if this is correct? Thanks
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    Simon Bridge

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    You can try this out using the bike-wheel and swivel chair.
    Usually you rotate the wheel and the chair turns the other way.
    You want to know if you/someone rotate/s the chair, will the wheel attempt to turn?

    To avoid confusion, you need to be more careful about where you put your coordinate axis.
    The angular momentum in the flywheel is calculated about the center of rotation of the flywheel.
    This does not change with translation. Travelling on a curve the car is rotating as well as translating ... try a simple model where the flywheel is centered at the rotation center of the car.
    You'll also want to take account of where the flywheel is mounted.
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